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Our Vision

Our vision is based on strong ethical values.

Our Commitment

We are committed to offering our clients a high quality experience.

Our Strategy

Our corporate strategy is based on Expansion and Integration.

Africa Feed & Food - Our Vision

Our Vision

Africa Feed & Food is a dynamic group with a spirit based on strong ethical values.

Africa Feed & Food is a dynamic group with a spirit based on strong ethical values.

A sustainable structure with the highest quality as a priority that guarantees customers, employees, associates, and investors, the certainty that they will be the center of our decisions. Achieving perfection in each of the pieces that make up our Group, strengthening it and making it grow.

All this with a feeling of deep loyalty and love for what we do. In harmony with nature and with man. Because this is the only way to achieve real progress. Only this way, sharing the same vision, we will move towards a promising future.

Our vision is to be the preferred business partner in Africa for Agri-food and Aviculture, with a dynamic deployment in Africa.

Our Commitment

We are committed to offering our clients a high quality experience.

We firmly believe that, as an economic actor, we can play an active part in transforming our society toward a model based on greater respect for women, men, and the environment.

Africa Feed & Food aims to be a driving force in the transition toward amore sustainable hospitality model. We are fully aware of the implications of this aim and plan our actions according to a continuous improvement process.

Because corporate, social, and environmental responsibility concerns us all, we are committed to offering a high-quality experience with due consideration for people, communities, and the environment.

Africa Feed & Food - Our Commitment
Africa Feed & Food - Our Strategy

Our strategy

Our corporate strategy is based on Expansion and Integration.

The growth of our group is based on both strengthening our position in sectors where we are in a leading position, as well as external development through new acquisitions.

Our strategy aims to integrate all the activities in the cereal and poultry sectors in which we already operate, and diversify our activities in key sectors. Our strategy is based on two major axes:

The constant search for improvement and innovation; The pursuit of an ambitious investment policy through new creations and acquisitions around our core businesses.

At Africa Feed & Food

Corporate Responsibility is a Mindset, it fits our culture

Our vision of sustainability, harmony and loyalty is naturally integrated into our business values.

We promote sustainable lifestyles and conscious consumption with a feeling of deep loyalty and love for what we do.

We are constantly looking for further innovation of our production processes to reduce waste, use more environmentally friendly materials, use less water and energy.

Regarding our activities as a Group operating in the agri-food industry, we are able to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers, respecting legal and regulatory requirements as well as those of our stakeholders. The better we understand their needs and expectations, the more effective we are implementing priorities to our activities and hence achieve our goals and objectives. Our Group has implemented a Quality Management System that englobes all our activities and their synergies.


The Top Management's commitment to the above resulted in several actions:

We develop a culture where all our employees share the same commitment by creating a conducive work environment filled with motivation, adequate communication, continuing training, while respecting the labor code, and being rigorous to follow up the applicable requirements.

We provide an adequate work environment that facilitates the staff performance with the best hygiene and safety conditions.

The workers involved in the handling and preparation of raw materials and products are required to wear appropriate work clothes, uniforms, and safety shoes.

We conduct medical exams in accordance with Order No. 983-13 at the time of hiring and twice a year for all personnel who may come into direct or indirect contact with the product.

Food Defense: Our GROUP gives a great importance in protecting its personnel, consumers, and assets, through a systematic management of risks: threat evaluation, identification of vulnerabilities, and implementation of controls at all manufacturing and distribution sites, access control measures at its sites, both for people, goods and vehicles.

  • The water used as an ingredient in our products is a potable water that goes through a double filtration, circulates through pipes and tanks intended for food usage. The water used for the boiler is also potable water that goes through a softener and reverse osmosis filter.
  • This water is tested twice a year according to standard N.M. 03.7.001 “Quality of water for human consumption” approved by Joint Order of the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Upgrading of the Economy, the Minister of Equipment and Transport, and the Minister of Health No. 221-06 of February 2, 2006.
  • The air quality of the premises is examined once a year to verify compliance with clean air standards.
  • Management of waste and greenhouse gas emissions
    Our GROUP has implemented a specific waste management procedure to each activity which describes the method of handling, collecting, sorting, and disposing waste in each site.

Organic waste, dry, and wet are collected in appropriate areas and then transported to our livestock feed companies respecting the rules of hygiene, storage, and transport.

A contract has been signed with a waste valorization company for the recycling of plastic and cardboard packaging to protect the environment.

The selection of suppliers of OPP film, bags, or cardboard packaging is based on a selection criteria (ISO 14001 certification for environmental compliance).

The delivery of 90% of raw materials is done in tank trucks to avoid packaging waste and pollution.

Our production equipment and boilers are regularly maintained and systematically checked by approved study offices and experts in their fields to limit pollutant emissions.

Current national and international economic climate and increased competition in the agri-food sector, require mastering our strategic positioning, ongoing improvement of our performance, and optimization of our internal organization can guarantee the sustainability and development of our markets.

To implement efficiently our Management System, we have chosen to certify our Food Safety Management System in accordance with international standards for each site in its respective domain:

  • FSSC 22000 certified (Food Safety System of Certification), a globally recognized standard by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) that combines the following three elements (FSSC 22000 = ISO 22000:2018 + ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 + Additional sector-specific requirements Version 5.1 – July 2020)
  • FDA certificate: Food and Drug Administration for the right to export to the USA.
  • KoSher HALAL certificate.

  • ISO 9001:2015 approach – Quality Management Systems.
  • ISO 22000:2018 approach – Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

  • ISO 22000: 2018 approach – Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

Our Group requires that all materials used in our activities should be clearly defined (properties, characteristics, mode of use, and care of use) and products identified at every stage of production, from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of finished products to the customer.

Identification is ensured by:
  • Marking raw materials in stock.
  • Marking finished products by printing the manufacturing date and internal LOT number codes on bags and sachets before storage in warehouses.

Using these codes, we can identify all information related to product realization by referring to daily production reports and follow-up sheets.